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Monchromatic Study

In the Monochromatic Study, we are focusing on tint and shade of a hue. This will create pastel highlights and black shadows. Choose one photo to work from only. You may choose to use 1-2 hues of scarlet red/cadmium red or crimson red + black and white. Click on the PDF and it let you download the Project Slides. 

Complementary Study

Moving away from tint and shade, the Complementary Study, now focuses on temperature. Temperature of a hue is based on the light source and how that transition of light moves across the surface from warm to cool. Choose one photo only! The minion is yellow, but the overall color scheme is blue and orange. When assigning colors, ask yourself, is that a cool blue or warm blue? Is that color a warm red or cool red? You may only use white, two yellows, two reds and two blues. We are sticking to primary colors only to create our highlights and shadows. You may NOT use black on this lesson. We are trying to create temperature in the shadows. Black will make the space look flat.

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