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Introduction to Drawing I: exploring the principles of design through still-lifes, interior/exterior spaces, master studies, and self-portraits. Heavy emphasis is placed on demos, critiques, and practice in both in-class and homework assignments. This class uses pencil and charcoal only. 

Introduction to Drawing II: a continuation of

Drawing I with an introduction to new materials and/or mixed media, techniques, and color theory. Compostion is still emphazied primarily drawing from still-lifes, interior spaces, and landscapes. Students use charcoal, ink, colored pencils, and black and white acrylics.

Introduction to Drawing III: concentrating on proportions and composition, students work from a live model. This class focuses on gestural, short, and long poses studying specific body parts of the head, hands, and feet. This class uses pencil and charcoal only. 

Beginning Painting I: this course introduces basic painting concepts and techniques with the oil medium through observation. Students work from still-lifes, small color studies, and old/contemporary master studies.

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